About Richard Toupin

Dr. Richard Toupin is one of the XXth century most eminent contributors to theoretical mechanics, applied mathematics and physics.

His deep contributions to Lagrangian Continuum Mechanics stand as milestones in science.

His mastery of mathematical methods allowed him to advance the works of the founders of his discipline i.e. Gabrio Piola and Eugène and François Cosserat.
He gave us a framework in which to understand microstructured continua as well as electromechanical phenomena.

We had the honor of his presence at the conference  4th Canadian Conference on Nonlinear Solid Mechanics where we were delighted to meet this original good natured person and to enjoy his many anecdotes about the history of our subject, the beauty of which was so greatly enhanced by his great works.

Francesco dell’Isola, David Steigmann

Richard Toupin’s Curriculum Vitae and List of Publications