Organizing Committee

Francesco dell’Isola
Sapienza Università di Roma, Italia

David Steigmann
University of California, Berkeley

Nonlinear Elasticity: Part I, 23rd July 2013

Michael Taylor, David Steigmann, Katia Bertoldi, Spatial Resolution of Wrinkle Patterns in Thin Elastic Sheets at Finite Strain. Download Abstract

Thomas Pence, Alan Wineman, Hasan Demirkoparan, Active Strain Stabilized Fibrous Microstructures in Hyperelasticity. Download Abstract

Patrizio Neff, Frank Osterbrink, Robert Martin, The Hencky Strain Energy |Log U|2 Measures the Geodesic Distance of the Deformation Gradient to SO(n) in the Canonical Left-Invariant Riemannian Metric on GL(n). Download Abstract

Chiara Bellini, Salvatore Federico, Power-Conjugation of the Green-Naghdi Rate of the Cauchy Stress and the Deformation Rate: Elasticity Tensor. Download Abstract

Nonlinear Elasticity: Part II, 23rd July 2013

Luca Placidi, Ivan Giorgio, Angela Madeo, Manuel Ferretti, Towards a Second Gradient Damage Model. Download Abstract

Angelo Morro, Maurizio Vianello, Interstitial Energy Flux and Stress-Power for Second-Gradient Elasticity. Download Short Paper

Manuel Ferretti, Angela Madeo, Francesco dell’Isola, Philippe Boisse, Certains Orthotropic Textiles Must Be Modeled as Second Gradient Hyperelastic Continua: Modelling the Onset of Shear Boundary Layers. Download Abstract

Marco Valerio d’Agostino, Philippe Boisse, Francesco dell’Isola, Manuel Ferretti, Angela Madeo, Patrizio Neff, Large Deformations in Isotropic Second Gradient Solids: Some Numerical Simulations Describing the Onset of Boundary Layers. Download Abstract

Nonlinear Elasticity: Part III, 23rd July 2013

Benoit Panicaud, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Rchard Kerner, Arjen Roos, On the Use of a Four-Dimensional Formalism to Build Hypo-Elastic or Visco-Elastic Constitutive Behavior Models. Download Abstract

Nhung Nguyen, Alan Wineman, Anthony Waas, Compression of Fluid-Filled Polymeric Capsules and Inverse Analysis for Nonlinear Viscoelastic Properties Determination. Download Abstract

David Steigmann, A Model for Lipid Membranes with Tilt and Distension Based on Three-Dimensional Liquid Crystal Theory. Download Abstract

Giuseppe Rosi, Angela Madeo, Ali Limam, Francesco dell’Isola, Fast and Slow Pressure Waves Electrically Induced by Non-Linear Coupling in Biot-Type Porous Medium Saturated by a Nematic Liquid Crystal. Download Abstract

Nonlinear Elasticity: Part IV, 24th July 2013

Pilade Foti, Aguinaldo Fraddosio, Salvatore Marzano, Mario Daniele Piccioni, A Novel Procedure for the Estimation of Critical Loads in Isotropic Incompressible Elastic Solids. Download Abstract

Arash Yavari, Geometry and the Nonlinear Mechanics of Distributed Point Defects. Download Abstract

Marcelo Epstein, Reuven Segev, A Unified Geometric Treatment of Material Defects. Download Short paper

Francesco dell’Isola, Angela Madeo, Pierre Seppecher, How Contact Interactions May Depend on the Shape of Cauchy Cuts in N-Th Gradient Continua: Approach “À la D’Alembert”. Download Abstract

Nonlinear Elasticity: Part V, 24th July 2013

Salvatore Federico, Alfio Grillo, Reuven Segev, Material Counterpart of Darcy’S Law in Terms of Differential Forms. Download Abstract

Hasan Demirkoparan, Yang Fang, Thomas J. Pence, Xiabo Tan, Controlled Torsional Deformation by Swelling a Hyperelastic Cylinder with Helically Wound Fibers. Download Short Paper